A Better Event Mix in 2022?

Get more quality engagements with top builder innovators to accelerate and expand sales

Unlike unpredictable, chaotic trade shows in the pandemic era, AE Ventures offer scheduled, guaranteed engagements and presentation opportunities with VIP builder innovators. We help you go deeper and faster with builders and multifamily companies that are leaning into innovation!

  • Billions in Annual Revenue – Our 2021 events hosted 300+ builders and multifamily companies doing annual revenues in excess of $100 billion and building/managing more than 500,000 housing units annually. 2022 promises more guests and more market power!
  • Two Engagement Types – Scheduled one-on-one meetings or longer form small group presentations with upfront info on the prospect. Substantive, efficient, results oriented!
  • Get Guaranteed Value – You get at least as many engagements as you book or we make good. The only thing trade shows guarantee you is space!
  • Perfect Timing – Not only do we connect you with VIP innovators, we do it at the moment they are immersed in developing strategy and planning their future.

Please reach out to explore how we can craft a custom program for your success at our events in 2022.


Colin Cocaine

Colin Cocaine
Sr. Business Development Manager

Upcoming Events

AE Ventures events host business leaders from the biggest and most innovative players in the market. They come to immerse themselves in key concepts, strategies, products, solutions, vendors, processes and best practices that stimulate their pace of innovation. We cover all attendance expenses including flights, hotel, meals and registration; they, in turn, agree to attend from start to finish and meet with vendors one-on-one and in deep dive presentations. It’s win-win for vendor sponsors and builder/multifamily company VIP guests and all about accelerating the path to opportunities realized!

TecHome Builder Summit Spring
May 10-12, 2022

TecHome Builder Summit Fall
October 4-6, 2022

Housing Transformation Summit
December 5-7, 2022

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more how we can connect you with VIP builders who want to accelerate innovation—the market leaders that are looking to implement your newest and most profitable products and services fast!