Our Concept

We are a pirate ship on a sea of risk and waste.

More than 4 million companies will exhibit before more than a quarter-billion attendees in the global exhibition market this year, and, huge chunks of the $100+ billion and countless hours they spend participating will yield no return.

Invented in 1850s industrial-age London, the trade show model struggles to leverage the deep information buyers and sellers can acquire in advance of meetings to enrich engagement. And trade shows produce mostly brief, superficial, random seller-buyer and peer-to-peer interactions and fail to accelerate sales traction and industry progress.

The antidote? The disruptor? The hosted style event.

Born in the information age in the IT industry, and now deployed with increasing benefit to industry sectors well beyond IT, the hosted style event connects the most desirable buyers with vendors on a scheduled, guaranteed basis.

Detailed profile information provided in advance fuels conversations, and there’s the added benefit for buyers of factoring in expert peer perspectives at and after the event. It’s that formula, and our team’s dedication to high levels of customer care, that drive extraordinary progress in each of the markets we serve.

How We Got Here

AE Ventures was founded by President, John Galante in 2008 after heading development and production of several award-winning B2B events and B2B media for a decade at EH Media. Galante has additional tech and event industry experience as an executive leader at the Consumer Technology Association, Security Industry Association and Reed Exhibition Companies.

For its first several years, AE Ventures operated a mix of traditional trade shows (the Electronic Security Expo which AE founded in 2008 and produced through 2014) and hosted events, including the Total Tech and TecHome Builder Summits. In 2015, AE turned its focus exclusively to producing hosted-style events and developing online media platforms that align with and enhance the hosted-style event.

Where We Are & Where We’re Going

A still nimble company, AE strives to continuously improve its people, processes and event and media products.

  • Our purpose is to drive extraordinary progress.
  • Our core values are:
  • love the challenge
  • extreme ownership
  • embrace process
  • win as a team
  • Our goal is to be the most highly rated producer of events in our niche and deliver innovative online content that perfectly complements the immersion and deep engagement of our events.